Valentine’s Day Special

Want your Valentine’s Day to have fewer flowers or chocolates and more adventure? Surprise your Valentine with a secret gift hidden inside an escape room. 

Especially designed and made – Valentine’s puzzle – with your hidden secret gift for your someone special at 5 Quests escape rooms. Valentine Surprise

Play one of our amazing escape room games – Jungle Quest or Pharaoh’s Tomb. This special Valentine’s puzzle is added to every game. A secret box will open to reveal your surprise gift for your Valentine – a single rose and a box of amazing Ferrero Rocher chocolates with his or her name printed on it .  

Your escape room adventure will commence as standard with lots of cool high-tech puzzles and surprises. Standard 5 Quests quality of great immersive designs. But to top it all up and make it extra special this Valentine’s Day … you will also find and collect three heart-shaped tokens during your adventure. Discover a secret box.  Solve the special Valentine’s puzzle together and uncover the special “secret” hidden inside.

To their amazement and surprise your Valentine will find a beautiful single rose and a box of amazing Ferrero Rocher chocolates with his or her name printed on it. 

The box is big enough for any other surprises or special cards or messages you would like to leave. Like “I love you”, “Will you marry me”, “You are my only one” or any other special requests. Just give us a shout to discuss. 

It’s for everyone: First Dates, Second Dates, Married for many years, Just Friends. 

Leave the world behind and focus 100% on each other and the immersive adventure you face together. For the entire hour. We will have you solving puzzles, talking out solutions, finding hidden messages and working together against the clock! 

Did you know that our escape rooms “come to life” all around you with secret compartments and doors opening as you solve puzzles and move within the game? 



There is no question – successfully beating an escape room will only bring you together!  

So, just maybe, instead of wine and dine-ing your partner, this year, take them to 5 Quests Escape Room.  

You just might find the key… to their heart!  

 Valentine's Couple


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