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Escape Rooms For Children

11-18 Years of Age



5th form of primary school. No Adults Required.

Escape rooms are generally built for adults due to the complexity of puzzles. Our Jungle Quest and Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room now offer a dedicated gamemaster who will be in the room to guide the children. 1 accompanying adult must stay on premises. We offer free coffee while you wait in reception and you can have a sneak peek into the game via our video system.

Maximum number of players 12. 

Important Note: younger children can only play in a group with adults


From 12 years old and up

From 6th form of primary school and all secondary school. No Adults Required.

 Children can play our escape rooms independently. A gamemaster will guide them via video and audio system. Accompanying adults are welcome to leave for an hour or wait in our reception area.

Maximum number of players 12. 

Group Sizes

4 to 8 children play one game

The Games

Jungle Quest escape – a Jumanji-themed adventure

Pharaoh’s Tomb escape – an Indiana Jones-themed adventure

Wizard’s Castle escape – a Harry Potter-themed adventure

We recommend Jungle Quest escape room if you haven’t tried our escape rooms before. It is a very popular and fun Jumanji-themed escape room. Pharaoh’s Tomb is popular with those who loves adventure and ancient Egypt. Wizard’s Castle is recommended for those who have played the first two games.


For this group size – simply book online. Choose to pay online or pay on arrival on the last payment screen.

Duration: plan for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 5 Quests.

Group Sizes

9 to 12 children play Double Challenge

(maximum 12 participants).




Double Challenge escape room competition. A competition style game format, the group is divided into 2 teams playing two escape room adventures simultaneously. The most suitable for this age group are Jungle Quest and Pharaoh’s Tomb. 4-6 participants per team. Each team has 60 minutes to escape. It is a competition for the best escape time. It is always very exciting. Everyone gets to agree on various rules before the game starts including how many hints each team is allowed to get, etc. Each team will get a photo with their escape time and you can have the best escape time winner announced In the end.

The Games

Jungle Quest escape – a Jumanji-themed adventure

Pharaoh’s Tomb escape – an Indiana Jones-themed adventure

Wizard’s Castle escape – a Harry Potter-themed adventure

The Jungle Quest and Pharaoh’s Tomb escape rooms are ideal to start with if you haven’t tried our escape rooms before. 

If you have already played these rooms, you are welcome to choose the Wizard’s Castle.

Duration: plan for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 5 Quests. The challenge is for 60 minutes in escape rooms and extra time for briefing and photos at the end.

How to book: email Natalia on with your details. Same day reply. Or if you have more questions please call us on 01 2070485.

A deposit of €54 is payable at the time of booking to confirm the reservation. This can be done online. If you would like to go ahead just simply email us back and we will send you the details on how to book. The balance can be paid on the day by cash or credit card.

The following is also included in all packages:

  • The entire venue is booked for the duration of the activity – for any Double Challenge escape room format.
  • Included are one or two dedicated game master (depending on group size) who will brief the groups during the introduction and share feedback at the end by going through the puzzles in the room.
  • Each team will get a photo taken and a certificate with their escape time and you can have the best escape time winner announced in the end. Sweets are offered at reception to the teams after the challenge.
  • Complimentary coffee, water at our reception for waiting adults. Also, next door there is a local corner shop serving Insomnia coffee.
  • Our robot Charlie will greet you in reception.
  • Free 2 hour parking right outside our door. Same car park as the Magic Carpet pub in Cornelscourt.


Cancellation policy for birthday groups: 2 days in advance your  deposit is fully refundable. Final numbers can be adjusted on the day if you have a small drop out rate. If two games are booked for the Double Challenge and only one game is to be played due to smaller numbers, a minimum of 2 days’ notice applies. 13.5% VAT is included in the fees.

Local Diner for food after your Party

The same car park as 5 Quests. Romaoys is a local diner with varied fast food menu with seating space inside.

Romayo’s is a family run diner serving all the favourites like pizza, burgers, southern fried chicken, wraps, baguettes, fish and chips. They also have amazing milkshakes with flavours to choose from: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and Oreo! Romayo’s have been in business for 60 years and currently have 15 shops in Dublin and surrounding counties.

Extensive menu. Check their website 

Sample available deals

The Big Five €11.95 (2 – 3 people)
12inch Margherita Pizza, 5x Chicken Goujons, 3x Onion Rings, Small Chips and a Dip Sauce of your choice.

The Big Deal €21.95 (3 – 5 people)
4x Pieces of Southern Fried Chicken, 5x Chicken Goujons, 2x Sausages, 2x Chips, 3x Onion Rings, 3x Potato Cakes, 2x Dip Sauces

The diner is across the road from 5 Quests. The manager’s name is Ion. He can be contacted on tel: 0894582401 if you have any questions or would like to reserve a table in advance. Some restriction apply to table reservations during peak times. Please mention that you are coming from 5 Quests after your escape room experience and they will look after you. 

Romayo diner