You and your friends are trapped in the Jungle. The animals want to play a game. The only way to escape is by following by the rules. It is just like in a board game. Solve the puzzles, figure out the moves and get closer to finding your way out. The clock is ticking. It is a fun game with various puzzles, riddles, sounds and unexpected turns. Will you figure out how to escape the Jungle or run out of time…

Difficulty Level: Easy/Medium    Age: 12+   Time: 60 minutes


For centuries explorers, adventurers and archaeologists have obsessed over the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. Step into the long lost tomb of this unknown (for now..) Pharaoh. Can you discover his name and escape the curse? You and your friends must follow the footsteps of the missing archeologist who left his findings behind many years ago. The team must decode heiroglyphs, study his paperwork, put hidden clues together while trying to solve some interesting puzzles. Attention to detail and working as a team is important here. Be careful, it’s said that ghosts of the Pharaohs still haunt the tomb. Can you defeat the ancient curse?

Difficulty Level: Medium    Age: 12+   Time: 60 minutes


Your group of muggles have sneaked your way into a School of Wizardry, a place you have no right being in. The guards have been alerted and are coming to get you. A young wizard named Harry has informed you that within the study of the terrifying dark arts teacher there is a teleporting Port Key disguised as a glowing orb that will transport you out of the School Grounds. The teacher has just left for an hour to assist the guards to find your group. His study is charmed so once you go in, you can’t come out. You must get access to the orb at the centre of the room to escape. Good luck, be fast, and act smart.

Important: This game is suitable for experienced escape room players. We recommend playing at least one of our other games before booking this one.

Difficulty Level: Medium/Hard    Age: 12+   Time: 60 minutes


For larger teams up to 21 people. Competition style.

Larger groups. Compete in two or three teams. Simultaneous 60
minutes games. Choose 2 games or book the venue in full and play all 3 games.
Bring out your competitive spirit and test who can escape the fastest. Are you
ready for the challenge? Best escape time wins.

8-14 people from 23 per person

15-21 people €20 per person (we book entire venue for your group)

If you don’t see an option that works for you, please get in touch on +353 (1) 2070485 or email

Conditions: Children 12+ can play independently without adults in the room. Children 9-11 years old are welcome to play our games when playing in a group with adults. Children under 8 years old cannot play the games due to complexity of the puzzles.