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Escape room boom as 5Quests doubles up

Feb 25, 2018   written by Natalia Romanova

We are in the news!

Natalia Romanova
Natalia Romanova, the businesswoman behind the 5Quests escape room firm Picture: Fergal Phillips

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An Idea or Valentine’s Day from Lovin Dublin

Feb 9, 2018   written by Natalia Romanova

Valentine’s Day idea from Lovin Dublin. Book your escape room game at 5 Quests to celebrate.

Our Valentine’s Special runs from Sunday, 11th of February to Thursday, 15th of February.


Valentine’s Day Special

Feb 8, 2018   written by Natalia Romanova

Want your Valentine’s Day to have fewer flowers or chocolates and more adventure? Surprise your Valentine with a secret gift hidden inside an escape room. 

Especially designed and made – Valentine’s puzzle – with your hidden secret gift for your someone special at 5 Quests escape rooms. Valentine Surprise

Play one of our amazing escape room games – Jungle Quest or Pharaoh’s Tomb. This special Valentine’s puzzle is added to every game. A secret box will open to reveal your surprise gift for your Valentine – a single rose and a box of amazing Ferrero Rocher chocolates with his or her name printed on it .  

Your escape room adventure will commence as standard with lots of cool high-tech puzzles and surprises. Standard 5 Quests quality of great immersive designs. But to top it all up and make it extra special this Valentine’s Day … you will also find and collect three heart-shaped tokens during your adventure. Discover a secret box.  Solve the special Valentine’s puzzle together and uncover the special “secret” hidden inside.

To their amazement and surprise your Valentine will find a beautiful single rose and a box of amazing Ferrero Rocher chocolates with his or her name printed on it. 

The box is big enough for any other surprises or special cards or messages you would like to leave. Like “I love you”, “Will you marry me”, “You are my only one” or any other special requests. Just give us a shout to discuss. 

It’s for everyone: First Dates, Second Dates, Married for many years, Just Friends. 

Leave the world behind and focus 100% on each other and the immersive adventure you face together. For the entire hour. We will have you solving puzzles, talking out solutions, finding hidden messages and working together against the clock! 

Did you know that our escape rooms “come to life” all around you with secret compartments and doors opening as you solve puzzles and move within the game? 



There is no question – successfully beating an escape room will only bring you together!  

So, just maybe, instead of wine and dine-ing your partner, this year, take them to 5 Quests Escape Room.  

You just might find the key… to their heart!  

 Valentine's Couple


For details please go to https://5quests.com/ 

And check videos of their awesome escape rooms on https://www.facebook.com/5quests/ 

Escape Rooms of Dublin For Charity event

Dec 6, 2017   written by Andrey

go site Escape HomelessnessCharity

Five Dublin Escape Rooms locations – Bolt Escape, Clockwork Key, Escape Boats, Incognito and 5 Quests  – have gathered together in the spirit of giving and sharing this Christmas for a fundraiser, charity event to help escape homelessness in the city of Dublin. All donations will go directly to Simon Community – https://www.dubsimon.ie/.

Challenge yourself to take part in an event in aid of Dublin Simon Community. Play escape rooms with your friends or family. Find clues, solve puzzles and escape (or not). Fun and challenging real-life adventure games. Does your team have what it takes to escape from the mysterious room in 60 minutes? Have fun in Dublin’s  most challenging and exciting escape rooms locations. All five venues are open all day for bookings. All proceeds from the day from all five Dublin escape rooms locations will be directly to Simon Community.

Give a little this Christmas and have fun doing it! 

Thank you for Lovin Dublin for helping to spread the word https://lovindublin.com/news/five-dublin-escape-rooms-are-doing-a-lovely-thing-for-the-homeless-this-christmas

source How to participate:

Choose any of the participating escape rooms locations below. Pick your game. Tip: if you are new to escape rooms, just go with whatever theme you like most. Make your booking online. Come and have the best 60 minutes of your life. Groups from 2-8 people, depending on the location.

And why stop there? Go on and play another game in a different venue. They are all open all day on Monday, 18th of December. Last minute bookings for this charity event can be done over the phone. Don’t forget the fun you are going to have is for charity. The more games you play the more money will be collected to help escape homelessness this Christmas. All money raised will go Dublin Simon Community.
Don’t forget to tag your friends and invite them to this charity event. https://www.facebook.com/events/132522547526648/

http://adbands.com/information/quality-statement/9-products/25-resistor-strip Event details:

Participating venues

Date: Monday, 18th of December

Time: Open all day from 10.30am depending on location. Check their websites.

All participants will be featured online on our “Escape Homelessness” Charity facebook event page.

Thank you
Natalia and Andrey
5 Quests 

Escape Rooms – Ultimate Christmas Party

Nov 23, 2017   written by Andrey

Be different this year and book Escape Room – Ultimate Christmas Party.

Xmas Photo

Jungle Escape Room

It is Christmas time and if you are yet to book your Christmas activity you must read this blog. For last minute Christmas Party ideas an escape room party is a must.

The office team party, the annual family meet up or just a catch up with friends. What to do and where to go?

This year why not make it a Christmas Party to remember. Share a real-life adventure together, search for clues, solve puzzles and use strategy to find your way to escape. Book a game at 5 Quests this Christmas.

“It may sound cheesy. But it could be that the missing ingredient to make Christmas parties something to look forward to, rather than dread, is as simple as a shot of adrenaline.”

“There was a genuinely thrilling sense of teamwork, as we all chipped in with suggested solutions.”, says Andrea who recently visited us on for a corporate offsite.

Your Christmas party at 5 Quests

5 Quests Immersive Escape Rooms will take you away from the hassle and bustle of Christmas run around. Furthermore, this adrenaline-fueled adventure will give you a great start to an evening of fun. Leaving you with lots of things to talk about over a glass of mulled wine or two after!

We are all so used to the same thing every year for the annual ‘Christmas Party’ be it a few drinks down the local or a meal. It is time to do something unique and exciting and different this year!!

Most importantly small teams are welcome too. You can play our games with just 2 persons and up to a maximum of 8 in each game. The venue can accommodate up to 25 participants.

In reality booking an escape room game as the Christmas Party this year can double up as a team building activity/Christmas Party, most likely without your staff even realizing it.

If you are organising your team Christmas party – playing an immersive escape room will be an event everyone will remember!  Booking an escape room adventure for a Christmas party actually serves as a bonus. It also makes everyone work as a team, to share, stay engaged and to communicate.

Finally, choose between our two themed escape rooms: The Jungle Quest or the Pharaoh’s Tomb. Our location is on Bray Road in Dublin 18 besides Dunnes Cornelscourt. We are perfectly located if you want to stay local and continue your Christmas Party into the night visiting one of the local restaurants in the area.

Fancy some food or drinks after your escape room game experience?

You will find the following restaurants nearby:

http://urbun.ie/ – a café for lunch or early afternoon meal in Cabinteely village
http://www.cafe31.ie/ – a great Italian in Cabinteely village
http://www.shanai.ie/ – delish Indian place almost next door to us
http://www.michels.ie/ – a French Brasserie in Foxrock village

Want to continue the party into the night? Then a short taxi or bus into Dun Laoghaire will leave you with plenty of options to hit the bar for a few well-earned pints!

Solving puzzles

Team work as 5 Quests

BOOK NOW your escape room Christmas Party? We are ready to lock you away for an hour and see if you can beat our rooms and escape in time! The experience you share together will be something everyone will talk about for years to come.

What is it like to play Escape Rooms at 5 Quests

Nov 6, 2017   written by Andrey Belik

Many people ask us, what it is like to play escape rooms at 5 Quests? So we decided to write a walk through. Well, without giving away answers to the puzzles.

First you start with booking a game you like with us at https://5quests.com/booking . You get your friends or colleagues together, pick a date and time. Our online booking and payment is very convenient, fast and secure. We use Stripe that processes your credit cards, an famous Irish start up that now handles Amazon shopping.

It is easy to find us. We are in Cornelscourt beside Magic Carpet pub. We have free parking and easily accessible from M50 or N11.

So now you arrive at 5 Quests Escape Rooms

Front Door Escape roomsReception

Our reception is very spacious where you party can get together and wait while everybody joins. Tea, coffee and biscuits are always available while you wait. And do come a bit early to solve all the puzzles we have in the reception.

A game master would greet you and will be looking after you for the whole duration of your stay with us. At this stage we ask few simple question to help and cater for you level of experience with escape rooms. Don’t worry our game masters will give you  a full introduction and explain how an escape room game is played. So even new players can be confident to start. Immersive Escape Rooms are relatively new to Ireland and most of our players have never played them before. So do ask if you have questions. We do have an introductory video which explains main principles of the game and most importantly health and safety.

And now it is time to start. 5 Quests is not only an escape room with puzzles. In our games we transport you to another dimension. For an hour you get to visit another world, explore it and hopefully escape. So, step in and immerse into a mysterious world of escape games.

Now follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Search the room and find the clues. Don’t forget to share what you find. Team work is crucial if you want to escape on time.

Step 2. Follow the story. It will help you a lot in your journey.

Step 3. Have fun. Things not as hard and they seem. ?

In addition, what about asking for some help? Great question! Can you escape with no hints? Don’t worry if you can not. After the initial ten minutes  the game master will help you to navigate the unknown, if you get completely stuck. So just keep going at your own pace, find and solve puzzles. But don’t forget, the clock is ticking so don’t delay.

Finally you finished the game. Congratulations!

Celebratory photos are taken. What about tea and coffee to celebrate. And don’t forget the massive amount of sweets on offer. You definitely need it after an intense adrenaline-fueled 60 minutes.

Our players

But what if you did not escape? Well, congratulations anyway. It was a good run and you have learn something new. You would most likely want to do it again. There is no doubt. It is all about the physical experience and creating fond valuable memories for your and your friends. There are many scenarios to try. And don’t forget about the photos to celebrate the occasion never mind the result. 
So book your game at https://5quests.com today.

You can also read what Lovin Dublin think about us after their visit to play both games. https://lovindublin.com/sponsored/this-new-dublin-experience-beats-the-pub-any-day-of-the-week 

5 Quests, a new escape room for Dublin

Aug 1, 2017   written by Andrey Belik


5 quests entrance door

This is the first post from the team at 5 Quests, new escape room, Dublin. We are all very excited to have the opportunity to bring our real-life immersive escape games to South Dublin. You may not be familiar with these type of escape games and we’d love to tell you more about them.

Even in well-established markets, like Eastern Europe, awareness of what immersive, real-life escape games are, is at about fifteen percent of the total population. This is mainly because real-life games were initially brought to the market for computer gamers and the selection of themes was a clear reflection of that. In recent years, games with a wider variety of themes more appealing to the broader public began to emerge. Escape rooms are now a rapidly growing type of leisure activity all around the world with over 200 new venues opened in the U.K. alone in 2016. Ireland will hopefully be catching up soon to offer the choice and the quality as we are seeing in many other countries.

Escape Boats Dublin has recently come to the market and offers the immersive experience at its best. It’s a ‘must’ for any escape games enthusiast. We at 5 Quests opened on the same week and are very proud to be a part of the Irish Escape Room community among many other excellent venues and locations around the country.

The purpose of this post is really to tell you more about how exciting this industry is and to offer you some of the examples around the world which have inspired us. Escape games are believed to have started with REAL ESCAPE GAME™ from Japan in 2007. Here’s a very nice short video explaining what the games are 

The market developed further and became popular in Asia with The South China Morning Post once describing escape rooms as a hit among “highly stressed students and overworked young professionals.” Even Disney has ventured into the world of escape rooms.
The CBS2 This Morning Team tries to ‘Escape The Room’ back in 2015 and describe the experience really well in their short eight minute video

There is no end to the themes (just about as many as the number of books ever written or movies produced or for as long as our human imagination can allow) and levels of difficulty you might encounter in escape games now. Many games are exploring ways of making rooms more and more immersive and adding real actors is an exciting development on this front.

Here at 5 Quests we personally get inspiration from, and admire the work of 5-Wits and New-York based, Paradiso which takes you to a whole new level of immersive experience and definitely the next level up from your average escape room. Something to try once you become an expert and play all the escape games available on the Irish market. Start local – there are many great rooms to try all around the country.

We at 5 Quests deeply believe that the games we create should give you a feeling of being totally immersed into a story. For us 5 Quests means a journey or a quest where you get to use all of your five senses. Welcome to a land of adventure, relax, get ready to use your brain but don’t forget to use your imagination and whatever you do, HAVE FUN!

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what real-life escape games are and are inspired to try them out. It’s a new way of spending your leisure time, a great alternative to a night at the cinema or any other rainy day activity. You can spend a truly amazing time with your friends being immersed into a theme and having to work out where the story line will lead you or how it will all end. It is really like playing a board game in your living room only better on so many levels considering you are physically right in the middle of a story, and solving puzzles and clues makes you feel like the hero in your own movie. Pick a theme that is of interest to you, find where you can play (there’s a great list of Dublin escape rooms and other Irish locations over at Exit Games), get your friends together, plan dinner or drinks after your game and get ready for a great night out.

We do hope to see you at 5 Quests in our beautiful new space in Cornelscourt right between the N11 and M50 (click here for directions). Whether you are trying an escape room for the first time or accepting the challenge of beating our current record holders, we look forward to welcoming your group to 5 Quests.

If you are interested in finding out more about what is happening in the Escape Room industry in Ireland, we recommend you join the Escape Rooms Enthusiasts Ireland facebook group and share your thoughts, recommendations for new venues and just chat about what would you like to see more in escape games.

Thanks for reading…until next time.
From all of us at 5 Quests.